Dreaming Of Attaining Perfection Playing Golf? Train With Us!

Playing perfect golf

The dream of attaining perfection in golf demands the putting into consideration several factors. This article lists the main issues that must be focused on when training and playing this fun filled game.

Preparation for the training

The first thing to begin with is to ensure that you acquire the best golf training aids and proper tools suitable for the game. Ensure you acquire the good size of clubs that match your height and strength. Give yourself the right mentality and be confident when making your hit. Avoid being distracted by anything and have your mind to concentrate and focused on the game.

Body posture

The game demands making your body flexible. Ensure that you allow your body to move freely as much as possible. This can be achieved by ensuring that you attain the stability of your body. Put your legs apart and ensure that you are comfortable before you begin your swings. You then have to bent at the hips.

Holding the club

Before beginning the hits, try swinging the club so as to confirm whether or not you feel comfortable and if it is the proper size. Grasp the club in your fingers and ensure that it is firmly held and must fit in the heel of the palm. Hold the club in a manner that the left hand forefinger is on the shaft. If the club is thick and can’t fit on your palm, ensure you acquire a Baseball Grip so as to enable you hold the club tightly.

Positioning the club

You wild hold the club depending on your hands’ use. If you are a right-handed person, ensure that you put your left hand at the top of your club. Then ensure that you interconnect your left thumb with your right pinky finger and grasp the club with your right hand. Immediately you have held the club tightly, lean forward by bending over the ball at your waist. Then you have to direct the club towards the ball. Maintain your left arm straight and bending your right arm to an angle of 90-degree. Immediately you raise the club high, pause at the top of the swing and then drive the club forward. It would be maybe important for you to find best golf swing analyzer if you want to improve your playing skills.

Aiming at the Target

Ensure the club face is directed to the target. Your body must be directly in line to the target. You must also be parallel to the flag. Place the club head at the ground just behind the ball. When hitting the ball, ensure your body moves in the direction of the ball and your target. At all this time, your eyes must be focused on the ball.

Making the swing

You need to first take an unfathomable breath. Then focus on the target to confirm if you are parallel to it. Make the swing and ensure hit the ball as hard as possible.


Perfection in this game requires constant trials and frequent training. Rest assured Tiger Woods began training as you do and made it at last! Enjoy this game! Wouldn’t you?


Playing Golf With Style

Golf sunglasses

Golf was once viewed as a strange game which was played by some well to do men (Mostly) and some women of a certain age and social class. I had the privilege of accompanying my uncle to his sports club and watched as they went round hitting and following some round balls across a big field.

By the way, to be honest, I went to the sports club to enjoy the free swimming pool that was free for members and their families! I assured myself that I was keeping fit as my uncle was doing his share by walking for hours across the golf course. But one thing that I always noticed was how well dressed all the players were with their t- shirts, half sweaters, well-ironed trousers, golf sunglasses or shorts and caps.

Popularity of Golf

This day’s golf has undergone a revolution and people of different social classes and ages are playing and they play all over the world. Children as young as 6 years are accompanying their parents to golf courses and even going for international competitions. This may have caused a revolution in the golf industry, as young people like to dress trendy and comfortable as much as they want to win a round of golf.

Nowadays, a trip to the golf course and one would think you have landed in a fashion show. It is not a new phenomenon that for most sports golf included, competitors are not only dressing to win but also to impress not forgetting the fact that cameras are on standby and almost the whole world is watching.

Golf Accessorize

In my opinion the question of whether one should worry more about golf ball style or sunglasses quality depends on the player. When it comes to golf, it is important that golfers choose golf balls for beginners that look and feel comfortable to them. The golf ball style that one chooses could depend on the players swing, the company that makes it, recommendations from other golfers and also the price per pack of the golf balls.

Most non-golf players like me would not have a clue and all golf balls look and feel the same. In my opinion first time golf players should concentrate more on finding the right golf ball than on finding the sunglasses that impress the crowd. The sunglasses companies will constantly advertise that when one looks well then one will play well. This is true to some extent, as when one has confidence and high self esteem they tend to be more competitive and play well.

However, accessorising only to impress in sports and not taking into consideration other important details can have disastrous effects. In golf for example, one can buy costly designer sunglasses just because other golfers have them and when out in the golf course realise that they are not suitable for him. This causes disruptions and may cost a player his game. It is important for an individual to know and understand what is most important and what improves his or her game.


Does The Quality Of The Golf Clubs Matter?

Quality Golf Clubs

If you are planning on becoming a pro golfer, then yes the quality of the golf clubs does matter. There is a reason why pro golfer invests in their sports equipment; this is because when it comes to the game of sport, having quality golf clubs mean a measurable edge.

Standard golf clubs can only take 1 to 2 strokes off the game, but in order to have an edge over the others; it would be best to have a golf club that has amazing golf ball control and air flow. This does not go to say, that you will be an instant expert golfer just by purchasing a really expensive golf club, it just means it will have an effect on your performance because you will become more motivated to use it, and get really good at golf. Anything that you invest in can produce better results if you give your attention to it. Much of your kit inclusions can actually be found at the Birdieable website.

Why you should invest in good golf clubs

There is a good reason why you need to upgrade the quality of the clubs, and there is also a need to buy more clubs for each set. This is because each of the clubs will have a different angle, and would be able to send the golf balls to a different distance. The more clubs and the better quality they have, the more options the player has, and the higher the chances of getting a better score.

Another thing that golfers have to consider apart from the quality of the golf clubs, I the fitting, clubs is just fine for a beginner male golfer, but they have to understand that this is not a good set up if they are going for a slow swing of 5’ tall woman or a hard swinging player who has the height of 6’3”. If would still be best to purchase golf clubs according to height and style of golfing techniques in order to gain better results while in the game.

Where do you begin?

Top golf clubs for beginners should be at the right length, a standard beginner set should do fine for regular games and trainings, two woods, four irons and putter can already do the work. But if a golfer wants to be taken seriously and wants to improve their game, they would have to invest in better quality golf clubs. Beginner golfers can start with a 7-piece set together with a decent bag, and then a good golf glove.

Completing your golf kit

Purchasing a large box of balls for practice, a big bag of tees and a divot repair tool will complete the golfing kit, apart from the golf clubs, having the right type of golf shoes can also do wonders. Golfers need to make sure that their golf clubs are always clean, and that they fit and come with the right sized grips. Brands of clubs can also have an impact if a golfer is looking to create a certain angle when playing.

Investing in the game of golf, training and putting focus on the game is still what makes the game better, however it would not hurt to have support materials in order to increase the interest in the game.